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We act for a clean, livable and sustainable environment in cooperation with our employees, suppliers, guests and all parties affected by our activities in order to leave a livable world to future generations by protecting the nature, environment, cultural and historical heritage.

By implementing the Strategic Plan and TS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Standards, we are striving to continuously improve, develop and increase the effectiveness of our services within the framework of current applicable legal environmental legislation.
Green Beltur
Cage-Free Egg System

Cage-Free Egg System

As Beltur, we care that the animals in our supply chain are raised in good conditions. We prefer Metro Turkey's eggs obtained from cage-free systems in order for millions of chickens to live in healthier conditions for the good of nature so that we can fulfill our corporate responsibility in that regard. We are aware that animal welfare is of great importance for food safety. For this reason, we take animal welfare seriously also in terms of human health. As Beltur, we undertake to the public that all the eggs we serve and use in our products are supplied from cage-free systems.

  • To leave a livable world to future generations by protecting nature, environment, cultural and historical heritage.
  • To take saving measures regarding the use of natural resources by carrying out activities to increase environmental awareness.
  • We collect organic wastes from restaurant businesses for use in animal shelters.
  • To develop waste management that will ensure the protection of the environment and guest health with an understanding based on recycling.
  • To prevent environmental pollution by ensuring that wastes generated during production/service processes are disposed of in accordance with the legislation.
  • To carry out recycling and sustainability works focused on menus and efficiency based on trainings.
  • To improve processes using bio-pipettes, disposable bamboo cutlery, waste controls and composting.
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