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As Beltur, we are committed to providing our guests with an "exceptional holiday experience where blue meets green". Guided by this motto, we work towards harmonizing the combination of blue and green.

Sustainable Energy: We minimize our negative impact on the environment through practices such as reducing energy consumption, enhancing efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling. Regularly monitoring and reporting our energy efficiency and carbon footprint, we fulfill the responsibilities we have undertaken. Additionally, we raise awareness among our guests about environmentally friendly practices, encouraging them to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Integrated Design with Nature: We have constructed our facility with an understanding that harmonizes with the texture of the surrounding environment. Our architectural and landscape design aims to protect the natural environment. We shape our design to offer a stay experience closely intertwined with nature.

Support for Local Culture and Economy: Being situated within the city, we prioritize supporting local culture and economy. We provide our guests with regional flavors by sourcing products from local producers, including those with geographical indications. Additionally, we introduce our guests to the historical and cultural richness within the city, creating unforgettable experiences.

Education and Awareness: We raise awareness among our employees about the importance of sustainable tourism. Through various training activities and visual materials, we encourage everyone to contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Sustainable Procurement: In our procurement processes, we adhere to sustainability principles. We commit to promoting a culture of sustainable purchasing by prioritizing ethical supply chains and environmentally friendly products. When evaluating the sustainability of products and services, we consider their environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic contribution. To support human rights and fair working conditions, we adopt an equitable and dedicated approach within our supply chain. Our product procurement, storage, preparation, and presentation comply with regulations and rules. 

Human Rights and Equitable Employment: We comply with the legislation, regulations, and laws related to human rights, occupational health and safety, and information security in our country. We take necessary precautions to provide suitable working conditions for our employees. By ensuring good working conditions, we respect the rights of our employees, and we also expect the same level of care from our suppliers. We adhere to a zero-tolerance policy against child labor, promote equitable employment, and take a stand against issues such as gender inequality, while encouraging diversity.

Cultural Heritage Sensitivity: With a mindful approach to both local and global cultural heritage, we aim to preserve regional values and traditions. In addition to introducing historical and cultural heritage to our guests, we actively engage in efforts to sustain our values.

Social Responsibility Initiatives: We actively participate in social responsibility projects with the aim of contributing to a better future for society. Through various projects, we support local communities, provide educational opportunities, and assist disadvantaged groups. Driven by social responsibility awareness, we strive to contribute to societal development and an equitable future.

At Beltur, we are committed to implementing these principles and commitments at the highest standards in order to build a sustainable future.


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